Entering Events on BiblioCommons

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This guide will walk you through the process of entering an event on BiblioCommons.

How does this tutorial work?

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Logging In

  • Login to the website with your Individual Staff Account, on the upper right corner of the page.
  • Click on your username in upper right-hand corner to get drop-down menu
  • Go to Lib Admin
  • Go to Events
Now you're ready to start adding, editing, and canceling events! (Well, please don't cancel events unless they're, you know, cancelled...)

Give yourself a break: is there a similar event you can copy?

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Copying something that you or someone else entered in the past?

  • Search for the event within the various statuses:
    New/Revised, Awaiting Publication, Published or Archived
  • Mouse over the Actions column
  • Choose Make a Copy to duplicate the event and fill in all the information
But wait, you know made an event like this before...

Give yourself a break: is there a similar event you can copy?

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  • Toggle on “Only my Events” 
  • Mouse over the Actions column
  • Choose Preview to take a look at the event
  • Exit
  • If that’s the event you want to copy, choose Make a Copy, choose the day/time/location, etc. for your event.

Whip it up from scratch: creating new events

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Find the event on the Events by Presenter or the Learning/Class Descriptions

No pre-written description? First, you need to write an appealing title and description for your event.

Use the Writing for the Web Tips and the first two pages of the Style Guide, they will help!


Whip it up from scratch: creating new events

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  • Set the day/time/location, etc.
  • Don’t worry about finding an image, CSO will take care of that.
  • Don't worry about entering contact information.
  • Click Save, click Preview.
  • Looks ok? Click Request Publication and Submit. Need to make changes? Do so.

Got a reading list? How to get it into your event (e.g. book club)

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First, create your book club’s reading list:

  • Login to BiblioCore catalog using the branch account
  • Create the list of upcoming books for the book club. In the list description, note the location and meeting info.
    • Example: River Readers Book Club meets at the Dusenberry-River Library each month. (You may include date and time; however, if these change, don’t forget to update the list description.)
  • Annotate each book with the discussion date.
    • Example: This book will be discussed at River Readers Book Club on September 16, 2014.
  • Finshed? Logout.
Note: Add and delete books from this list! No need to create a new list.

Got a reading list? How to get it into your event (e.g. book club)

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Create a Book Club event in the Events system:

  • Login to BiblioCore using your professional staff account
  • Create the book club event
  • Include the link to your book club list in the event description for the book club.
    • Example text to link: Here’s the reading list for River Readers book club.

Optional: Want to link to an event search?

It's Big! It's Growing! It's a systemwide event!

If you want to advertise a series of events happening around the system at various locations (e.g. SummerMania, Master Gardeners):

  • Enter the events into the events system.
  • Write a blog post in order to have the series of events featured. (Talk to CSO if you need blog training.)
  • Create a calendar search link to insert into the blog post.

Advanced Events Ninja Stuff

Is your event awesome enough to feature it on a card?

Send it to CSO!

Wondering about all the categories and what they mean?

Entering an art exhibit?

Need to resize an image?

Check the full-length, extremely detailed and helpful training document located under "BiblioCommons" on the intranet.

Any unanswered questions, ideas, or concerns? 

Contact Sherrie Baltes at sherrie.baltes@pima.gov or CSO at csd.library@pima.gov, or give feedback on the next page! (Remember to let us know who you are if you want a response...)