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Are you ready to dive into ReferenceUSA? 


This guide will help you navigate ReferenceUSA and teach you how to find phone numbers, company profiles, and more! Anyone might find it useful, but it is particularly handy for businesses and nonprofit organizations trying to locate customers, competitors, and donors.


How does this tutorial work?


First, let's find ReferenceUSA from the library's home page...

Click on the Next arrow below to get started! 


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To get to ReferenceUSA from the library’s home page, hover over "Find Info," then click on "Business" under "By Topic."


Next click on "Business Databases" in the left menu.


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ReferenceUSA will be the link right in the center - click on it to enter!

Find a Phone Number and More

1 of 8Take a moment to survey your surroundings - what do you see?

How many databases does ReferenceUSA offer?


This tutorial will focus mainly on three databases: U.S. Businesses, U.S. Standard White Pages, and U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles. 

Find a Phone Number and More

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Let's start with U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles. Click on this database in the left column.

Find a Phone Number and More

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Try typing in the first and last name of someone you know, as well as their city and state. Then click on "View Results."

Are they there? The more information you provide, the narrower your results will be.


This is also a great way to do quick searches for market research. Try choosing "Charitable Donor" under "Lifestyle Category," and narrowing it down by city or state. 

Wow, this market research stuff is great! Does "Custom Search" do anything useful? 

Find a Phone Number and More

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Another quiz question to keep you on your toes...

The U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles database searches for addresses as well as phone numbers.

Find a Phone Number and More

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Have a missed call? Try inputting a phone number this time, and see what you uncover! Click on "Revise Search" or "New Search" near the top right corner to return to the search options.



Type the phone number into the "Phone" box and click on "View Results." 


Find a Phone Number and More

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When you're done searching, click on New Search again to breeze through the quiz question below.


Is there a custom search option?

Find a Phone Number and More

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The U.S. Standard White Pages is another database offered by ReferenceUSA, where you can also find phone numbers and addresses. To give it a test drive click on "Home" in the top left corner of the screen.



Then click on U.S. Standard White Pages in the right column.

Find a Phone Number and More

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You will notice the search looks very similar to U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles. Take a minute to explore!

Company Profiles

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Next let's move on to U.S. Businesses. Click on "Home" in the top left corner of the screen. 



Now click on U.S. Businesses at the top of the left column.

Company Profiles

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You might be wondering, "How many locations does Oregano's Pizza Bistro have? Are they a chain?"

Another good example search is for "Walgreens." 

Type the business name into "Company Name" and click on "View Results." You can see some screenshots from our search for "Oregano's Pizza Bistro."


Company Profiles

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The results display every location included in the database. Click on the link of a particular location under "Company Name."


You will see location information and categories of information about the business that you can expand and collapse by clicking on the far right edge of each blue bar.

Company Profiles

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How might you use some of this information? 


You can also use this to see all business types of a certain category -- for example, all the pizza restaurants in a certain zip code. 

Data Source and Quality

You might be asking yourself, "Where does all this information come from, anyway?"  


Click on "Data Quality" in the top menu bar to learn more.


This is the End

The tutorial has come to an end. Nice work!

Want to use ReferenceUSA for data visualization, heat mapping, charts and graphs, advanced market research, creating mailing lists, and more? You're invited to the in-person training we have at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library, open to the public. See upcoming sessions.


Can't get enough online training? Fear not, ReferenceUSA offers tutorials and a resource center. Check those out when you have time via the menu at the top of the page.

Up close it looks like this:

And as an added bonus you can watch videos galore on YouTube.


Until next time!