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This tutorial will get you started using Freading, Pima County Public Library's new eBook service.

How does this tutorial work?

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Installing software

You'll need your Adobe ID to check out books from Freading. If you're using a desktop computer to read books or transfer them to an eReader, you will also need to install Adobe Digital Editions software. 

If you've checked out eBooks before, you might already have this ready to go. If not, there are instructions in the FAQs on the Freading site.

I need help installing and using Adobe Digital Editions!

What if I have a Kindle?

Is there a list of all the devices that are compatible with Freading eBooks?

Once that's set up, great! Let's take a quick look at how to find books on Freading.

Finding books

1 of 2On the Freading home page, you can see:

screenshot of Freading home page

  • Menus to get to top downloads, new arrivals, and book categories (great ways to browse!)
  • A "Pick of the Week"
  • A search box
  • Featured books, including a list of categories, and some book covers with a little circle on the top left of the cover that says how many tokens they cost (don't worry, we'll get to tokens later).

Try searching for your favorites, click on anything that interests you, and come back to the tutorial whenever you're ready.

Finding books

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Have you found a book that you're interested in checking out?

No, I can't find anything I like...

Whenever you're ready, let's head over to the virtual check-out counter.

Checking out books

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The first step is logging in, if you haven't done it yet. The good news is, you don't have to create any new usernames or passwords! It's connected to your library card number and PIN.

What if I have a Username, can I log in with that?

Click the "Login" button on the top right, and use your library card number and PIN to log in.

A window will pop up explaining how to use Freading. Close the window whenever you're ready to come back to the tutorial.

Checking out books

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Before you check out your first book, you may be wondering about the mysterious "token" thing.

You get 10 tokens per week. Each book costs either 1, 2, or 4 tokens. So, you can check out more books if you choose books that "cost less."

Do tokens roll over? How do they decide how valuable a book is? Does it ever change?

How long can I borrow eBooks for? Can I renew them?

Can I get some extra tokens to use in the tutorial?

Checking out books

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Go ahead and try downloading! Hover over the cover of the book you want to check out, and click on "Download EPUB" or "Download PDF." If you click on a book for more information, there is a blue download link underneath the cover.

Once you've downloaded it, Adobe Digital Editions can open your file, and you can read it on your computer, and transfer it to an eReader, phone, or tablet. (With phones and tablets, you can use apps instead -- see the next chapter of the tutorial!)

Wait, how does the Adobe Digital Editions thing work again?

Okay, I've got it on my computer with Adobe Digital Editions, now what? (Hint: use magic!)

Apps and mobile

We recommend checking out books by going to the Freading website with the browser on your device, then opening the eBook file with any compatible eReader app on your device. For example, the OverDrive app. You may need to activate Adobe Digital Editions on your device.

What's the browser on my device?

Isn't there a Freading app?

What next?

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For more information about using Freading, check out their FAQ.

What next?

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To find other ways to borrow eBooks from your library, check out other options on our website! Did you know that you can also download audiobooks, music, and magazines? See all your options!

What next?

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This wraps up the tutorial. Thanks for following along, and please let us know what you think on the next page!