It's time to meet NoveList Plus.

This guide will help you navigate the NoveList site and teach you how to find great books and more information about your favorite authors and series.

How does this tutorial work?

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Finding NoveList on our Website

To arrive at NoveList from the library’s home page, click on "E-Library" and select "A-Z Listing of E-Library".

Select "N" in the alphabetical list across the top. Scroll to "NoveList Plus Book Recommendations".

Click on the link to enter NoveList.

Getting Started

Now that you are in NoveList, take a look at the home page. You might immediately see a book cover that looks interesting!

On the left, you can find lists of "Recommended Reads" to get you started looking for all kinds of books -- fiction, nonfiction, kid's books, and more!

rec reads

There are recommended reads for true crime.


Feel free to play around! When you're ready to move on, click on the Next arrow below.

Searching, Tabs, and Links

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search bar

The Basic Search allows you to enter keyword, title, author, series, or narrator by clicking on the arrow for the drop-down list, selecting a category, and then typing in the box. If you are not sure what you are looking for just leave the search setting at "Keyword."


Try a basic search by typing any word into the search box and then clicking on "Search."


Searching, Tabs, and Links

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You will notice five tabs across the top center of the screen above your results: Books, Audiobooks, Series, Authors, and Lists & Articles. Click on each tab to see the results in each category.


Can you refine your results by genre via the left sidebar?

Searching, Tabs, and Links

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The Advanced Search allows you to search for several parameters at once and to limit by year, gender of the author, Dewey number for nonfiction subjects, and much more. Click on "Advanced Search" at the top of the screen to view this page.

search bar advanced

Can you limit your results by author's nationality?

Searching, Tabs, and Links

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Next perform another quick search by typing anything into the search box.

When your results appear, you will notice that below each title are links. Under the Books tab there are often four links. Three of these are read-alike links that will help you find books that are similar to the ones you like to read. The fourth link is for searching the library’s catalog to see if we own the book.


Additional Resources

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But wait - there's more! Take a gander at the menu bar at the very top left of the screen. 

Hover over each of these categories to see a drop-down menu with a buffet of options.

Is there a book discussion guide for The Accidental?

Additional Resources

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Can NoveList help with Common Core questions?


Additional Resources

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Never one to leave you in the lurch, NoveList also has Readers' Advisory resources.

Hover over "Especially For" in the top menu bar and click on "Readers' Advisory."

Take some time to survey your options. Click around -- enjoy! Of special note are "Learn about Genres" and "Book Display Ideas."

Creating an Account

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What if you want to save all of the neat items you find in NoveList? You can!

First, you need to create an account. Click on "Sign In" in the top right corner of the screen.


Then click on "Create a new Account" next to the login button.


Fill out the form and then click "Save Changes."

At this point you should be logged in.

Creating an Account

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Now that you have an account you can start saving your results.

Return home by clicking on the "Home" button in the top left corner of the screen.

Type in a basic search on anything.

If you like, you can save your first result. Click on the folder icon on the right. You will notice the option to add the item to your folder. (Note: for this to work, you must be signed in.)


You can save book discussion guides, series, book display ideas -- just about anything! The folder button is always there.


Creating an Account

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Let's go into your folder, where you will save all of your nifty finds. Click on "Folder" in the top right corner of the screen. (Note: to see your folder, you must be signed in.)

folder toolbar

In your folder you will see anything that you have saved. You will notice that you can create custom folders by clicking on "New" near "My Custom."


You can also move your items from one folder to another. If you select a book or article, and then click on "Move To," you can re-categorize your item.


The End

And that's all folks! Or is it...

There are still many more options that NoveList offers. What have you found?

Also, don't hesitate to visit NoveList's help center by clicking on the "Help" button in the top right corner of the screen.